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Iris Claw fixation technique for the correction of aphakia following extra or intra capsular cataract surgery has been used since long. Iris Claw Lens has unique one piece design made of PMMA only.

The extreme end of haptic loop bears a fine curve and is referred to as Iris Claw. The peripheral Part of the Iris is enclaved through this claw to secure the fixation of the lens. Phakic IOLs have been used as a refractive surgery tool for quite a while.

Different types of Phakic IOLs have shown a very large range of correction of refractive errors with exceptional accuracy & stability without disturbing the normal mechanism & accommodation. It is precision engineered product.

Specification and models available:

Size - Dimension
PIC 5590
PIC 5590 / PIC 5580
5.50 mm X 9.00 mm / 5.50 mm X 8.00 mm
SIC 4280 P
SIC 4280 P
4.25 mm X 8.00mm
SIC 4272
SIC 4272
4.25 mm X 7.25 mm