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All India Ophthalmic Conf : ( 14-17.Feb,2019 ) at Indore.

DOS: ( April, 2019 ) at Ashok Hotel - New Delhi

Tamil Nadu Conf : ( 9-11 Aug, 2019 ) at Salem.


*Glaucoma Society Of India 28th Annual Meeting 2018 --- 14 Sep 2018 - 16 Sep 2018 • Trivandrum, India

*ESCRS Annual Congress, Athens/ Greece. ( 15-17,Feb'2019 ).

*APAO-2019, Bangkok,Thailand. (6-9 March.2019)

*AAO - American Academy of Ophthalmology at San Francisco,USA. (12-15, Oct,2019).

*APACRS — 32nd Asia-Pacific Association Of Cataract & Refractive Surgeon Annual Meeting 2018 –at Kyoto-Japan. (3-5. Oct. 2019 ).

*KERACON -Cornea Society of India-6th National Meeting at New Delhi(1/2 Dec,2018).

* IIRSI- Intraocular Implant & Refractive Society of India- Annual Conf- At Grand Chola, Chennai. ( 7,July.18 ).

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AIOS : All India Annual Conf - in Coimbatore.(22-25.Feb,2018).

DOS : - in New Delhi. ( 6-8 April, 2018 ).

Gujarat Conf: At Ahmedabad.( 6-7,Oct,18 ).

Kerala Conf – ‘Drishti’ : at Kannur. ( 23-25.Nov,18).

AP Conf –‘Rayeyecon’ at Nandayal. ( 5-7, Oct.18 ).


trufold lens

  • We have introduced a unique design of small incision hydrophilic Aspheric Square Edge Foldable lens. It protects the Ratina from the harmful blue light of visible spectrum. We are offering a safe and very effective Foldable lens, after our sincere efforts to satisfy the needs. It has very good surface finish, resolution, dimensions, and specially designed as bi-convex system. It comes in standard range of diopters.
  • It is made out of one of the high quality, highly stable UV absorbing acrylic materials available. 'Asphire HD' restricts the amount of aberration in light waves passing in the eyes, there-by more rays are focused in the ratina, and this results in better distant vision.


Haptic Design
Haptic Angle
118.00( Estimated )
A/C Depth
4.8 mm
Optic Size
6.00 mm
Overall Length
12.00 mm
Lens Material

HEMA UV ABSORBENT ( Nd YAG laser compatible) Sterilization by Steam