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Dr SoumyaRamani
MS Ramaiah College and Hospitals

Retro pupillary iris claw lenses have been in the picture for the past 40 years, being in and out of favour of cataract surgeons. With improved design, they are proving to be a viable alternative to scleral fixated lenses in the event of a posterior.


Posterior Iris Claw Lens for Surgical Correction of Aphakia — Long Term Results
Dr. Sreeni Edakhlon, Dr. Abhijeet Khake, Dr.Gopal Pillai S.

To evaluate the safety, technique and efficiency of retropupillary posterior iris fixation of iris claw intraocular lens (IOL) in cases without capsular support.


It has been our pleasure & privilege to manufacturer & supply our Premium range of Intraocular Lenses..

Many Surgeonos have successfully used our Iris Claw Lens over a period of time.In recognition of your usage, we would like to highlight selected name in our website,and would like to invite your brief Comments/Views on Iris Claw surgery.